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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

The members of the Peacham Volunteer Fire Department proudly protect approximately 772 people living in an area of 36 square miles in northeastern Vermont. The department operates out of one fire station in a primarily residential and rural agricultural area.

Services provided include fire suppression, fire prevention, medical first response (EMS) and all hazards response. The department is a public fire department whose members are all volunteers.

The fire department is currently RECRUITING NEW MEMBERS!

Click on the "Join Us" pull down menu to learn how you can become a member of the Peacham Volunteer Fire Department. If you are interested in learning about becoming a fire fighter or EMS medical first responder in Peacham, please stop by the fire station any Monday night at 7:30 PM and ask. We'd love to speak with you. Members receive no pay for being firefighters and medical first responders but they receive the satisfaction of helping their neighbors and others in the community in times of crisis.

Responding to an Emergency

In Peacham, when an emergency call is dispatched, fire fighters receive a brief description of the emergency call on their radio pagers. Fire fighters then respond to the fire station in their personal vehicles. From there they dress in their bunker gear and bring the fire and rescue apparatus to the location of the emergency.

Any additional equipment that can not fit on the apparatus is stored at the fire house. That equipment can be brought to the fire, accident or medical scene in a support vehicle or a fire fighter's personal vehicle. Fire department members who provide medical first response service respond to medical emergencies with Rescue 1 and their own personal vehicles.

Many Peacham firefighters are trained as EMTs and will be first on-scene to assist with a medical emergency before the ambulance arrives from Danville to take you to the hospital.

Vial of Life Program

The Vial of Life program is an easy way to ensure that EMTs will know about your medical history and current medications at a time of emergency while keeping your information absolutely safe and secure.

Peacham VFD
P.O. Box 112
64 Macks Mountain Road
Peacham, VT 05862

Moo Photo by Dave Macrae
Moo, the Firehouse Dog

Donate to the Peacham Volunteer Fire Department

The Peacham Fire Department greatly appreciates your financial donation. You can send a check to Peacham Volunteer Fire Department, PO Box 198, Peacham, VT 05862. Thank you!

How to Obtain a Burn Permit

Outdoor burning permits are required any time there is no snow on the ground. To request a permit, contact the Peacham Forest Fire Warden.

Join Us!

Join the Peacham Volunteer Fire Department! Visit our "How To Volunteer" page to become a member, or help out in other ways.  We accept donations, and offer our trainings to the community.

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