Peacham Town Clerk
Danville-Peacham Senior Meals
Northern Skies Observatory in Peacham
Peacham Acoustic Music Festival
Peacham Cafe
Peacham Community Housing
Peacham Corner Guild
Peacham Elementary School and School Board
Peacham Fall Foliage
Peacham Farmers Market
Peacham Fourth of July
Peacham Historical Association
Peacham Library
Peacham Snow Roller Museum
Peacham Town Portrait, July 4th, 2000
Peacham Volunteer Fire Department
Peacham Winter Carnival
Vermont EMS District #5

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The Art of Eating, the premier magazine for those interested in fine foods and wines. Ed Behr produces the magazine here in Peacham

Brigid's Farm produces sheep, Angora and dairy goats, operates a fiber studio, and offers supplies and classes in Peacham

The Chimney Scrubber is a chimney cleaning product for home owners and Fire Departments. It is manufactured by Matt Kiley here in Peacham

East Peacham Baptist Church

Everlasting Herb Farm, using Peacham grown herbs and flowers to make lasting beauty and beauty products

Fairbanks Inn is a hotel located on the western edge of St Johnsbury about 15 miles from Peacham.

Kingdom County Productions, a producer of Films and Television programs, located here in Peacham

Marilyn Magnus raises sheep, dyes and spins their wool and creates beautiful hand woven rugs in Peacham

Northeast Kingdom Chamber of Commerce, the resource for the entire Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

Peacham Cemeteries, an inventory of Peacham Cemeteries

Peacham Congregational Church

Peacham Acoustic Music Festival, a community wide event to celebrate acoustic music with musicians from far and wide.

Perpetua Press, graphic design and producer of fine books. Dean Bornstein of Peacham is the artistic force behind Perpetua Press

Snowshoe Farm Alpacas, a beautiful Alpaca farm in Peacham

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